Salus Defense Customer Referrals - Deeper discounts for you and your Friends

How can we give back to those wonderful people who help us spread the word of Salus Defense Structured Silver?!

We don’t want to give our time, energy or money to entities that are not in service of we the people. Organizations that are collecting data about you and selling it; organizations that are censoring good idea’s, remedies, and information that they don’t like. Organizations that seem to have an agenda aligned with the diminishment of personal choice and freedoms in favour of a society in which they have more and more control over everyone and everything.

We would rather reward you than them.

Instead of paying advertisement dollars to organizations that are censoring you, me and everyone else not in their club, we want to use those dollars to give our customers and their friends discounts on Salus Defense Products.

Big bonuses for our existing subscribers!

Our subscribers already get 20% off of all their product purchases... but now they can get 30% off just by referring a new paying customer to our website.

Even better yet, that first time purchaser will get a 20% discount coupon to use on their first purchase. This way everybody wins!!

So how do you participate?
That's easy!

Email us at and we will create a personal referral code for you to share with your friends and family. Once that code is used by a new customer we will adjust your existing subscription from 20% off to 30% off.

Even better yet!

If the newly referred customers decides to become a subscriber themselves you could receive your next subscription order without any cost.

We think that this is way better than paying big tech companies tens of thousands in advertisements that make the cost of our products go up for the customers. We hope that you do too.