Argyria | Turning Blue

Argyria - Turning Blue - The Silver Bogeyman

Argyria is the official name of the condition in which the pigmentation of your skin begins to take on a greyish blue tinge. Argyria or "turning blue" is entirely cosmetic. There are no medical ailments, illnesses or symptoms associated with it. It is purely aesthetic. The root cause of Argyria is an overexposure to Silver, which can happen either by consumption or extensive environmental contact (like a lifetime working in a silver mine). It is irreversible but extremely rare. Health Canada has only 30 documented cases of Argyria over the past 30 years, an average of one per year.

Turning blue is very easy to avoid because it takes many months or years of over exposure to silver to develop the condition. The change first begins to appear underneath the fingernails or in the whites of the eyes, and it is many months after these initial changes appear before any change to the colour of the skin can be noticed. The turning blue effect stops immediately once the exposure to silver is discontinued. What this means is that the condition is 100% in the control of the user.

So why then, in the age of information, are there so many articles that parade Argyria as some kind of bogeyman? If you have heard of it then you have probably been taught to fear it whenever someone suggests that colloidal or Structured Silver could be used as an alternative remedy for better health. There have been exactly zero deaths from the use of colloidal silver over the last century, compare that to the 106,000 annual deaths that occur from pharmaceutical complications. Furthermore, a wide range of health benefits have been demonstrated for those using silver absent any side effects.



So then, let's get down to some facts.

The most famous case of Argyria is a man by the name of Paul Karason, otherwise known as "The Blue Man." He appeared on several television interviews, including one on the Oprah Winfrey Show, before his death from heart related complications in 2013. The results of his autopsy, as conducted by Dr Allan Landson of the Imperial College of London, were that silver was non-toxic and that his vital organs were all healthy. Meaning, silver did not cause his medical conditions, only his cosmetic condition... Turning Blue.

The Blue Man - Argyria


Facts About The Blue Man:

  • He had reported that colloidal silver had destroyed the causes of his negative health conditions.
  • His arthritis went away.
  • His Acid reflux resolved.
  • His psoriasis and Rashes disappeared.
  • His digestive disorders alleviated.
  • He did not begin to change colour until after many months of overdosing on the home-made silver.
  • He could have stopped the turning blue at anytime, but choose to ignore the warning signs and continue with the use of the colloidal silver because it alleviated his health problems.

Facts about the Colloidal Silver water he drank:

  • The solution he used was home-made and contained extremely high concentrations of silver.
  • His home-made silver could easily have been thousands of times more concentrated than commercially sold colloidal silvers.
  • The dosages he consumed were (on Average) 64 times that of recommendations associated with retail colloidal silvers.
  • The solution he created was made by dissolving silver into a nitric acid and then adding additional salt to improve absorption.

(Modern structured silver is not made this way and is entirely non-toxic.)

The "Blue-Man" silver is not what is sold on the shelves of reputable health food stores. The science is very clear about this.


Picture of Argyria

Still the mainstream institutions and media erroneously generalize all forms of silver as a potential risk for Argyria. They do so without qualifying the extreme concentrations and dosages required to put someone at risk. Simply put, if you combine a silver water produced via nitric acid solution that is 5000 times more potent than federal standards, with upwards of 64 times the typical dosage, you get a situation that will accumulate silver in the body. So..... Don't do that!!

Let us take a moment to look at three articles that show up on page one of the Google SERPs when one does a search for the term Argyria. It is important to make a note of what the articles do not say. We have taken small excerpts from each of these articles, but have also provided a link so that our readers can view the original article in its entirety.

Web MD:

"The FDA says over-the-counter drugs and supplements containing colloidal silver or silver salts aren’t safe and effective."
In what way is Silver not safe? The risk of Argyria (which is extremely low) is purely cosmetic. There is no indication of any other health safety concerns. If there is a real safety concern then perhaps it would be useful to tell us what it is. Why are the safety concerns never illuminated? Further to this, a general statement that silver is not effective is rather meaningless. Not effective as what? A replacement for gasoline or gardening soil. Here we see a simple generalization that attempts to have an uninformed reader make the inference that silver will not be effective to remedy whatever ailment concerns the health of the individual reader.

"Silver has no known benefits when swallowed and isn’t essential to the human body."
This is a deflection. We agree that Silver is not essential to the human body. To qualify this, it is important to say that any mineral which is "essential" to the human body means that an absence of it equals death. You will not die from an absence of silver, but as far as "no known benefits" goes this is wrong. Silvers benefits as a natural antibiotic and antiseptic are very well known. This is why silver is consistently used in several medical applications, bandages and otherwise. It has also been proven to kill many microorganisms that negatively effect the microbiome within the human body. Perhaps the writer of this article is segregating the microbiome as not being part of the human body. While this is true, the microbiome is comprised of living organisms that are not actual cells of the human body, the fact is your life hangs on the balance of the health of your microbiome, and silver has as huge beneficial impact on it.

"When you swallow silver, it corrodes in your stomach acid and turns into silver salt, which can travel through your bloodstream and end up in your skin."
The article omits a distinction about the form of silver. While it is true that swallowing a silver earring or the shaving from a silver coin will cause a corrosive effect in the digestive process, there is zero evidence that a properly formed structured silver transitions into silver salts during digestion.


Health line:

In general we think that the article on health line is good. It does, however, say: "Dietary supplements that contain silver can also interfere with your body’s ability to absorb certain medications, such as: ..." It then lists a few drugs (primarily antibiotics). We find this somewhat ironic as Silver itself has been proven to be a very effective antibiotic. A much more effective antibiotic than most antibiotics themselves. Silver has a much higher kill rate and kills a larger variety of bacteria than any single antibiotic formation. Silver has also shown itself capable of destroying bacteria strains that have developed a resistance to pharmaceutical antibiotics. In fact, In a study published in Science Translational Medicine , researchers from Boston University and Harvard confirmed that by adding trace amounts of silver to common antibiotics, the medications became up to 1,000 times more effective in fighting infections in mice. Which begs the question, why not just use the silver instead?

Science Daily:

The Science Daily Article is about the best mainstream info one can find about Argyria. They are good about pointing out the distinctions and chemical process that have to happen in order for Argyria to develop. However, they fail to give any consumption thresholds that would need to be exceeded before Argyria is an actual risk. This omission still plays on the fears of a potential consumer leading them away from using Silver as a potential remedy.

All of the above articles on Argyria, and many others we have not commented on, contained a few similar items:

  • Each of them recommended that products containing Silver be avoided.
  • Each Article Omits an indication of just how massively one needs to overdose in order to risk developing Argyria.
  • Each omits the proven benefits of Silver, some going so far as to state that there are no benefits.
  • None of them reference just how few of Argyria cases there actually are. 30 reported by Health Canada in 30 years.
  • None of them point out that those few people who have developed Argyria were also very healthy and absent the conditions which prompted them to try Colloidal silver in the first place.
  • Lastly all of them (at the time of our reading) hosted several advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs and companies.

If there was a real interest to inform people about the true risk of turning blue than it would be highly appropriate to note the high concentrations and extreme overdosing that has been present in each and every reported case of Argyria.

The average person needs to know the truth about silver: it destroys bacteria and fungus (including yeast infections) and can be used regularly at home in complete safety without side effects when taken from a reputable high quality structured silver source. It leaves healthy cell and positive bacteria undamaged. It has been used to reverse antibiotic resistance. It has been used successfully against e-coli, ebola, malaria and many others.

Every disease is a label given to poor cellular health that has manifested symptoms in a particular area of the body. If your cells are healthy and functioning properly you can not develop disease.


Pills deal with symptoms. Structured Silver removes the cause.

The choice is yours...

Keep popping pills in perpetuity or accept that Structured Silver water is an effective alternative that attacks the root problems of a vast variety of ailments from which many people are currently suffering.