Our Story

The management team of Salus Defense has initiated a transformation in the
culture of the company. A culture that is founded in the idea that people
can be empowered to take their health back into their own hands. At its
core, our President knew that health was about what we consume. That meant actual physical consumption of food, beverages, medications, and supplements, but it also included the information that we fed our minds everyday.

The greater our understanding of health and well-being the more likely we
will be able to achieve and maintain it. We knew that Salus Defense had
a safe, effective, and powerful tool for the successful improvement of
health. That tool is structured silver, but a tool is only useful in the
hands of those who understand how to apply it.

The managing President began to create a team of individuals who were able to serve the idea that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, in a non-invasive,
non-toxic manner. He also knew that getting the message out there was
going to take time and effort because so many of us have been programmed
into the wrong notion about healthy living.

The pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars annually promoting
pills that cover the symptoms instead of discovering what causes the symptom.
Medical professionals are incentivized with paid vacations and
monetary rewards for prescribing the brand of drug they are marketing. As an
industry, Big-Pharma has become better at creating labels for disease in order to market pills to the population, than they are at solving the problems of illness.

Salus Defense is a small team of focused individuals. It is our
mission to give people an alternative option on the road to better health. We are taking action to inform people that there are better more powerful ways to restore the health of you and your loved ones. Ways that are marginalized by the institution of medicine.

We live in an age that we can access empowering information without going through an authority to get it. Information that equips us with the ability to improve our health on our terms. Products and techniques that you can apply yourself and share with friends and family. Alternatives that do not leave you dependent on a monthly prescription that hurts your long term health, immunity, and puts you in a perpetual mental fog.

Members of the Salus team have lost parents, grandparents, and loved ones
to illnesses and disease that were preventable and curable under proper
conditions and with better knowledge. We do not want you or your families
to suffer the same avoidable health problems, and that is why we do what
we do.

We conduct our business under these guiding principles:

  • Our idea from day one is create, produce, and offer the best products to help families become healthier and safer.
  • The Salus Defense team uses every product we offer; if we wouldn’t use it, why would you?
  • We make sure every product Salus Defense offers is of the highest quality and vow to provide caring and extraordinary customer service.
  • We provide a caring, genuine, free-spirited, diverse place to work.
  • We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with: our customers, our community, and our suppliers.
  • We communicate consistently—between ourselves and with our customers. We know knowledge is key for preparing for the future and seek to share it with like-minded people.
  • We want to be a place to learn. Our blog and products enable us to educate families, helping them discover ways to create greater wellness every day.