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Salus Structured Silver For Pets

Salus Structured Silver is a safe antibacterial / anti-fungal solution that instantly attacks bad bacteria, pathogens and yeast in your pet's body. Salus is one of the most advanced natural health products ever offered to pet owners.

Pets can't talk so the only way you know they are sick is often when it’s too late. Salus Structured Silver is a proprietary technology that bonds Silver particles to water molecules allowing it to safely pass through your pets body. It damages only the bad bacteria without disrupting your pets good flora. Salus Structured Silver is one of the only products on the market that targets gut health. Silver has been used on humans for hundreds of years, maybe it is time to share the benefits with the furry members of our family. 

How It Works

As is true in humans, the moment your pet drinks the Salus Structured Silver it immediately attacks the bad bacteria. Bacteria that can lead to things like gum disease. As the solution runs down the pet's throat it continues to cleanse as it makes its way into the digestive system, “the gateway” to the immune system. Once Structured Silver is in your pet's digestive tract it begins to cleanse their gut of bad toxins, pathogens, and yeast that can disrupt and weaken their immune support and slow their metabolism. 

Unlike older generation Colloidal Silvers, the Salus is the most advanced technology that allows the product to pass through the pet's system without metabolizing! 99% of the silver is excreted via the urine within 24 hours. Salus Silver is the most exciting product to ever hit the pet market, safely flushing out your pet from top to bottom!

Using Salus Structured Silver twice a day every day can maximize your pets quality of life and give them the protection they need in the event of sickness!

In this day and age, environmental factors, toxins, viruses along with processed food play a serious role in our pet’s quality of life and it’s our job as parents to navigate the best we can. Salus Structured Silver has no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives.

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For New Pet Owners

As a new pet owner, much like being a new parent you're always concerned about the health and safety of your loved ones. Salus Structured Silver is safe to use without any side effects. Simply add a dosage to their water dish twice a day and it could not only prevent your pet from falling sick, but could also save your pet's life in the event of a life threatening disease or infectious bacteria.

Salus Structured Silver is quickly becoming the leading alternative to hazardous prescription medications. However, if your pet is already on medications, there is some good news! Salus Structured Silver can be safely used with most all medications. In fact recent studies at Harvard University show Silver can increase the effectiveness of antibiotics by up to 1000%. Salus Silver is truly revolutionizing health care for pets.





Keeping Your Pet Safe As It Gets Older

As your pet ages their immune systems weakens and it becomes harder to fight off bacteria and sickness. Your pet's gastrointestinal tract is where vital nutrients from their diet absorb and fuel healthy immune function and metabolism. Salus Structured Silver can be used to maintain an optimal immune system, helping their pets as they get older. The Structured Silver removes harmful bacteria, pathogens, fungus and viruses so that the animals immune systems can be focused on healing. Put another way, if you are being chased by a bear you can bet that your immune system isn't focused on your allergies at that moment. Keeping the digestive track clean from harmful organisms allows the immune system to remain uncluttered and the digestive track more energy it to process the necessary nutrients to stay healthy.

Pets have very unique needs based on their age, lifestyle and genetic history however the digestive tract is the same and it’s our mission at Salus Structure Silver to offer the world’s leading “safe“ antibacterial solutions to keep your pets safe and healthy.

Helping Reduce Veterinarian Costs

These days, Veterinarian trips are costing more than ever - According to the American Veterinary Medical Association:

  • The average vet expenditure per dog increased from $200 to $227 after 2012.
  • A minor as an upset stomach can set you back an average of $344 for cats and $292 for dogs.
  • Simple Heart worm treatments can cost $400-$1000+
  • Unexpected care and emergency treatments can range from $800-$1,500. 
  • A basic Dental Cleaning can cost anywhere from $70-$400.

A scary reality for pet owners, is that every 6 seconds a pet parent is handed a bill for more than $3k. Salus Structured Silver aims to reduce these vet bills and save you $1000's a year by promoting a healthy internal system throughout a pet's lifespan.

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Is Your Pet Under The Weather?

When your family member falls sick it's the worst thing in the world as you feel helpless. Your pet needs regular exercise, along with a wholesome, nutrient-rich diet to maintain a strong immune system. However, they still seem to get sick. When they get sick, pet owners waste no time in taking him or her to their local veterinarian. Often the result is antibiotics which could harm or further damage your pet's immune system over time and is very expensive. Pet owners will go to any expense to insure their fuzzy friend is safe and healthy. Now you can offer a regular dose of Salus Structured Silver everyday to safely get rid of bad bacteria, giving your pet the best shot at staying strong and healthy. 

Clearly we love our pets and we pay a pretty penny to keep them healthy! Salus Structured Silver is changing the landscape of the pet industry by offering pet owners the world's leading alternative to prescription medication. The digestive tract is vital for our pets health and often they fall sick due to a compromised immune system.

You will see the difference in your pet and they will feel the difference!

Real Pets - Real Results

Watch how Salus Structured Silver helped Charlie's elbow issues!

Dancing and loving life again!

"I have run a pet rescue for 31 years and have seen thousands of pets in all kinds of conditions, a friend suggested Salus Structured Silver and was amazed by the instant results. My favorite mix pup 'hotdog' was in very bad shape with a chronic cough, pneumonia and three vets said she had cancer...after 3 weeks on this Silver she was dancing and loving life again! A must for all pets!"
- Randi Berger

Not one recurrence!
"Every time I take my German Shepherd swimming she gets bad yeast infections, I use the Salus Structured Silver and Gel and she has not had one recurrence! Thanks Salus!"
- Craig

How fast she healed!
"My golden doodle was attacked by a random dog on our walk and she had some cuts and scratches. I was flabbergasted at how fast she healed with the Salus Structured Gel."
- Suzanne

Structured Silver Topical Gel

Traditionally Salus Structured Silver is used orally as a liquid, but we are introducing a Topical Gel for any and all skin conditions. The most advanced natural antibacterial / anti-fungal gel to help your pet safely and quickly heal and reduce recovery time. The Salus Structured Silver Gel kills the bad bacteria which leaves the way for the good bacteria to thrive! Helping the good bacteria thrive can help speed up recovery time and killing the bad bacteria could result in less scarring.

Our customers love it for flea & bug bites, yeast infections, and cuts & scrapes. Get it as a bonus today!

Every Pet Needs Salus Structured Silver
They Will Love You For It!