Our Mission

The Salus mission is to inspire health, longevity and wellbeing through innovative products, life-changing information and inspiring communities.  We succeed by supporting and enriching our customers on their personal journeys to live longer.

This means taking the time to inform you about techniques that you can choose to use for the management of your own health and well being. We are not the "authority" for your health, but we are a valuable resource for anyone looking to take back the control of their health.

This begins with a better understanding of the foundations of well being. We are not interested in managing symptoms. We are interested in removing the cause of the symptoms. We recognize that many health problems are caused by the proliferation of bacteria, fungus and viruses that generate imbalances in our micro-biome, and that these imbalances have a negative impact on many processes within our system. These "root" causes are the very things that Structured Silver is amazingly affective at dealing with. (Bacteria, Fungus, and pathogens)

Disease and decay is intimately connected to ageing. Being young is not just about looking good, although that is nice, it is about functioning better at a cellular level. By addressing the hallmarks of ageing we can significantly lower the chances of disease and disfunction. 

9 Hallmarks of Ageing

Address these hallmarks and you can slow down ageing. Slow down ageing and you can forestall disease. Forestall disease and you can push back death. (David Sinclair)

1)Genomic instability caused by DNA damage.
2)Telomere Attrition.
3)Alterations of Epigenome function (Which genes are turning on and off)
4)Misfunction of Proteostasis.
5)Metabolic changes leading to deficient nutrient sensing.
6)Mitochondrial dysfunction.
7)Accumulation of Senescent Cells.
8)Exhaustion of Stem cells.
9)Altered intercellular communication and the production of inflammatory molecules.

To learn more about the hallmarks check out the book "Lifespan" by David Sinclair, and our other reading recommendations.