Gut Health

If your gut is not healthy. You are not healthy.

You are what you eat is even more important than we thought.

Proper Gut health and the influence the digestive micro-biome has on our well being has been getting more recognition within the field of health and wellness. This is certainly no new phenomenon as the famous Greek physician Hippocrates once said thousands of years ago “All diseases begin in the gut”. The gut, and your entire gastrointestinal system, is the first line of defense for virtually everything you put into your body. In fact, over 90% of the bacteria found in your body – both the good and bad kind – reside in your gut. Our diets and medical practices have left millions of Americans with improper and poor gut health.

Fact: 70 - 80% of your immune system locates itself around your gut.. Because that is where the action is...

Years of antibiotics have had destructive effects on our bodies and especially our gut. Antibiotics are powerful drugs used to kill bacterial strains that cause illness and infection. However, while they rid the body of bad bacteria, they also destroy the good, beneficial bacteria. These important bacteria, that your gut needs in order to keep vital parts like your immune system running properly, are vulnerable to the toxicity of the antibiotics, and die when exposed. This can lead to a significant imbalance in the micro-organism populations that comprise the digestive micro-biome. This poor gut micro-biome imbalance can lead to numerous ailments such as skin conditions, leaky gut syndrome, kidney disease, chronic fatigue, and dozens more!

The Salus Defense Better Health Solution

The Salus Defense mission is to provide products that promote total body health, with a major emphasis on your gut. Our Salus Defense Structured Silver is aimed at directly promoting gut health by removing the negative bacteria and fungal overgrowth that are contributing to poor cellular function. When cells don't function correctly they get labeled as disease.

 The structured silver removes these conditions of failure. This gives the cells of our body and, many trillions of micro-organisms, an opportunity to create better balance. Useful bacteria are able to grow in population and contribute benefits to healthy function. Probiotics can be even more effective when the introduction of positive micro-organisms have less competition for food sources within our digestive process.

Silver has been used as an effective way to get rid of bacteria for centuries.  Our unique Structured Silver bonds the silver molecules to the pH balanced alkalized water. This makes it even more effective and more safe than colloidal silvers. Only the bad (water soluble) bacteria are removed, leaving the good bacteria to remain in the gut.

 Salus Defense Mega Flora Probiotic - Designed to promote gut health by restoring good bacteria population.

 Structured silver - Designed to steal electrons from the water soluble bacteria, pathogens, and fungus. It also deactivates the bacteria’s oxygen metabolism enzymes. In turn, this destroys the bacteria’s cell membranes, stopping the replication of the bacteria’s DNA. The structured silver also magnetically binds with some solvents (including Viruses) and acts as a chelation agent. This means your body can excrete anything that is attached to the silver (along with the silver itself) before the pathogen can proliferate and reproduce itself within the cells.

Inflammation is a common reaction when dangerous pathogens are present in your body. While temporary inflammation can be useful in the healing process, chronic inflammation will lead to problems that will manifest as a variety of unpleasant symptoms. This can be as simple as bloating, gas, or allergy like responses to the extreme degenerative diseases.

 Salus Defense products promote balance with your Gut so that your body can begin to heal itself as it was designed.