Silver is Antibacterial

Bacteria.. What Is The Problem?

Bacteria are everywhere. In us, on us, all around us. They existed billions of years before us and will be around long after we are gone. Our evolution, the very building blocks and processes of body function have been and are continuously influenced by the presence of these micro-organisms. Some bacteria are very useful, even necessary for our survival, while others are toxic to us. They are the root cause of many infections, diseases and illnesses. 

Previous generations were susceptible to death from minor injuries and common infections due to the ever present and little understood threat of bacteria. The introduction of modern day antibiotics has saved countless lives in the last century, but overuse and misuse of these drugs have created new problems. Strains of resistant bacteria with no antibiotic counterpart, and damage to healthy bacteria within our bodies. A vicious cycle that’s contributed to the rise of numerous ailments.

People have began looking for safe, natural, effective ways to maintain their health.

Cases of severe and even deadly bacterial infections have been on the rise. In fact a recent study by the CDC found that more than 23,000 Americans die each year as a result of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant germs and bacteria. As you can see, these so-called “nightmare bacteria” are a growing problem for so many American families. These “nightmare bacteria” and other pathogenic germs can be the cause for so many ailments – such as internal issues, digestive, skin problems, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and more!

Salus Defense Structured Silver - A Better Health Solution

It is our mission to offer products that can help to address the growing problem of “nightmare bacteria”, fungus, viruses, and other harmful pathogens. Our Salus Defense Structured Silver has been proven to remove some of the most dangerous – and sometimes deadly – types of bacteria.

Laboratory testing has proved that Structured Silver gets rid of bacterial strains like MRSA, Staphylococcus (Staph Infection), E-coli, Salmonella. A 99% success rate in a Petri dish within 6 minutes of the introduction of Structured Silver. These are the same dangerous bacteria that cause hundreds of thousands of scary hospital visits, major surgeries and even death. For internal infections the Structured Silver Liquid can be taken orally while our Structured Silver Gel is perfect for topical use on issues such as skin infections or open abrasions affected by the bacteria.

In addition to effectively removing the bacteria with Structured Silver it can help to reduce inflammation and other painful and problematic reactions that your body naturally does to try and fight off these pathogens.

With the dangerous and alarming rise of harmful bacteria, a safe and effective collection of antibacterial products is more important than ever for the health and wellness of you and your family.