6 Ways that you can Improve Your Health without spending a Single Cent

We can all afford to have better health, but we cannot all afford to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for some of the more advanced products and techniques on the market. We can, however, take action today with a few things that will have a big impact on our wellness. The good news is.... All of the them are 100% free.

  1. Cold Water Exposure: Yes, this is very difficult. I said FREE not easy. Taking a cold shower has many benefits. It causes weaker cells to die off and be replaced by cells that have better Mitochondrial function. It also spurs our body into the production of more brownian fats.. a leaner form of high energy. LEARN MORE
  2. Get Better Sleep: Who doesn't love a nap? But what we are taking about here is getting adequate sleep during the night because this is the time that almost of of our body repair takes place. The science is out --You need to sleep better. LEARN MORE
  3. Meditation: The Monks had it right all this time. As it turns out, meditating for just 20 minutes daily can significantly reduce our bodies creation of Fight or Flight Stress response hormones. This is good news because Stress is one of the biggest contributors to accelerated aging and disease. LEARN MORE
  4. Remove Sugar: Free...but again, not easy!! Our western diets are filled with sugar land mines. Foods that we believe to be healthy are often not at all good for us. It is obvious that sugars are found in Pop or donuts, but what about Bread and Pastas? While it might not be the standard table sugar in these items, our body doesn't differentiate with its insulin response. Even concentrated fruit juices can feed unwanted organisms in our digestive tract. Things like bacteria and fungus. LEARN MORE
  5. Light Therapy: This can range from absolutely free to big bucks. Things like infrared machines, Laser treatment,  blue blocker sunglasses. But for free - there a couple things can be done immediately. Firstly, get some sunlight everyday. 20 minutes is all you need. We in the west are seriously low on Vitamin D. Secondly, turn off all blue light a couple hours before bed. Yes.. this means TV and computer screens. This light can cause a lot of problems for us. Including sleep disruption. So STOP IT! LEARN MORE
  6. Exercise: No surprise with this one, but let's get some perspective. You do not need to go to the gym or hire a trainer and become the second coming of Arnold.  You do need to move everyday. This can be as simple as taking a 20 minute walk. If you can only walk to the mailbox today... then do it... and then do it twice again tomorrow.


Just doing these simple things will start you on the journey towards a healthier happier you. 

You are worth it Right?