Why a healthy gut is crucial and how Structured Silver helps

A healthy gut is crucial to good health as it is where it all begins. Our digestive system provides all the nutrients needed for proper body functions. It starts with what we put on our plates. I suggest 50 % Vegetables, 20% fruits, 20% proteins, and 10% fats.

Chewing our food thoroughly adds Salivary Amylase to the mix and begins digestion of carbohydrates. As the food passes into the stomach, acid is released to digest proteins. Usually the stomach is acidic while food is being digested. As the contents pass into the small intestine, Bile is secreted to begin digestion of fats. The pancreas also releases pancreatic enzymes for digestion and assimilation of sugars. The contents are also buffered after leaving the stomach to become alkaline. This buffered mixture moves along the small intestine being further digested by the enzymes previously released.

As the digested food passes along the intestines, small fingerlike projections called villi absorb amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats into the system. The villi are very numerous and increase the surface area of absorption to be the size of a tennis court when laid completely flat.

The biome or good bacteria count of the digestive system is also very important. The number of good bacteria in the system is any where from 40 to 80 trillion but weigh only about 5 lbs. of total body weight.  These good bacteria are crucial to healthy gut function. A healthy Biome effects the gut in four ways.

1) Creates lactoperoxidase which is an enzyme that brakes through the walls of harmful bacteria.

2) Produces lactoferrin which is a protein that binds up iron that harmful bacteria eat.                        3) Manufacture immunoglobulins that are a major part of the immune system.                                4) Produce vitamin B that feeds normal yeast in our guts so they don’t mutate into fungus and molds.

When there is a normal count of friendly bacteria in the gut, it is similar to a very thick green lawn. When the lawn is so thick and healthy, there is no room for weeds to grow. If there are areas in the digestive tract where there are not enough good bacteria, offending life forms such as fungus, harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses can adhere and begin to cause damage.

The problem we face is the atack of our digestive systems through our environment. Unhealthy food, water, air, antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives, etc., cause our good bacteria to die, leaving the digestive tract open to infestation of harmful life forms like weeds where the grass is not thick and green. These invasive life forms cause the system to become acidic and in an acidic environment, disease can flourish.

The answer to this problem is Salus Defense Structured Silver. Structured silver is very effective in ridding the body of harmful bacteria, virus, fungus/mold, and parasites. These are the major life forms that cause damage to the digestive tract. Removing these offending organisms is the first step in recovering a healthy gut.

How does Salus Defense Structured Silver work to remove offending organisms? That is the million-dollar question. This structured silver is a supercharged colloidal silver solution that is both electrical and magnetic. The supercharging process creates two free electrons that are free to bind with hydrogen ions. Harmful bacteria are water soluble and are able to have hydrogen electrons removed from their cell walls. The two free electrons of each silver particle are like swards of a fighting warrior. As one electron is removing a hydrogen from the cell wall, the other electron is charging ready to remove the next hydrogen. Each of the silver particles act as individual fighting machines killing bacteria they come in contact with. This causes the cell wall to brake open killing the bacteria.

friendly bacteria are not affected by the silver particles as they are made of a bilipid fat soluble cell wall. The silver is unable to cause the same effect because there are no hydrogen ions to bind to. This means the good bacteria needed for healthy gut activity are not affected. Normal body cells are likewise not affected.

Salus Defense Structured Silver uses a different mechanism for killing viruses. To understand this better, lets discuss normal viral function. Virus is usually air born and inhaled. As the virus enters the body, it looks for host cells to connect to. There are special connection points needed in order for the virus to make contact. Once connected, the virus makes a copy of its DNA and injects the copy into the host cell. The viral DNA causes the host cell to act under the direction of the Virus DNA causing symptoms of a cold, flue, Cancer etc. 

Structured silver has both an electrical and magnetic charge. The magnetic charge attracts viruses and holds them so tightly that the virus is unable to effectively copy its DNA. Silver also blocks the binding sites needed for the Virus to connect to the host cell. It is very important that viruses not be able to inject their DNA as this is the information that causes the host cell to act like the virus instead of the intended cell function. If not detected by the bodies immune system, virus can cause cancer and other significant diseases.

Fungus and parasites are acted upon in the same way as bacteria in that the silver is able to remove hydrogen ions and causes the cell wall to fall apart causing cellular death. Once dead, all of the offending organisms are marked for removal by macrophage, the garbage men of the body.

Once the gut is clear of possible layers of infection, the system will usually become more alkaline which is the best state for health. An ongoing application of Salus Defense Structured Silver at two teaspoons twice per day will keep the body clear of these offending organisms. I also recommend a good acidophiles or probiotic on a once per day basis to keep the gut biome healthy.