What Salus Defense is NOT!

Sometimes when people look at our website or brand they assume that we are a large corporation with 100's of employees in many locations across the country or countries.... Well, not so much.

You may have noticed that we haven't done much to update our blog in quite a while. Truth is that we have been busy getting some ducks-in-a-row over these past several months, and we are a very small team of dedicated individuals.

There have been great upheavals in supply lines, transport of goods, costs of product, availability of staff, and outright disruptions of freedom to say what is the truth. Especially when it come to matters of human health and well being. Speaking directly about the benefits which products like our Structured Silver actually have on the human body. No way Sir!! That kind of talk is just way too "up-itty"

Sadly enough, many "mom and pop" sized business have suffered in the last two years. More than ever have just closed their doors never to open again. Many people on the TV and in politics blame the C-word, but we blame the Media and governments response to the C-word.

Whatever your beliefs are, facts are facts, small businesses, which are responsible for employing over half of Americans, have struggled a great deal. We do not think that this is about to end anytime soon.

What does it mean?

It means that we are not giving up, but we could use help via word of mouth. 

That said, the title of the blog article is "What Salus Defense is Not," so let us get to it. We are NOT:

  • A mega corporation with 100's or even dozens of staff.
  • Wealthy enough to lobby government lawmakers.
  • Friends of pharmaceutical interest groups.
  • Impervious to censorship strategies of the the tech giants.
  • Offering cure-all magic substances that can heal you and your family regardless of what garbage you decide to eat, drink or inject into yourself
  • Gouging customers with high prices to stuff our pockets at their expense.
  • Supporting toxic medical practices that have become common since 2021.
  • Fond of blatant liars and evil doers who hide behind the guise of words like "fairness, sustainable, equitable, safety" and numerous other words that have been equivocated to mean something entirely different.
  • A friend of mainstream media. Period.
  • Giving our freedom and power to those who wish to control the men and women of our great country so as to weaken and destroy them with economic attacks.