The ways of the Water....

Where is the one place in all of nature that water flows uphill?

Answer: In trees
You had probably never thought of that, but it is true. There are no pumps in a tree. There is no heart constantly beating to help create flow or circulation from root to branch., and yet water moves from the ground to the treetops everyday; in every tree, in every part of the world. Hmmm, we might have a bit of a mystery here. The answer can be found in what is known as the Fourth Phase of Water.

Not Ice, not gas, not liquid, an actual fourth phase.

This fourth phase of water is not commonly known, and I can not do full justice to the powerful implications of such information here in one tiny article. That said, we do need to cover an item or two about the subject. It is a fascinating subject with much more to learn about. For all the good stuff that we can not possibly cover here I will direct you to the book called "The Fourth Phase of Water," by Dr Gerald Pollack.

Magnetic fields of different frequencies have been shown to influence water in dramatic ways. And guess what is made of water? You are…

 A few powerful facts.

We are electrical beings. Electrical energy can benefit the healing process. Water is a conductor of electrical energy and silver is one of the best conductors of electrical energy that our species has found. Electrical energy travels amongst and through the fluids of our body, and elsewhere, because there are substantial amounts of minerals dissolved in the body fluids, but also because of the fourth phase of water. We might be opening a can of worms here..... but let's dive in.

In a nutshell, the fourth phase of water is an area within water in which there exists an electric charge separation that pushes protons away creating an area of negative charge. Say what? Gerald Pollack called it the exclusion zone or EZ for short. Here’s a diagram for you to help you figure this one out.

So then, you have blood flowing through your veins. This movement we attribute to the pumping of our hearts, but, what if the charge separation of the fourth phase of water had something to do with the movement of blood in our arteries and veins… remember the trees….? They move the water without a pump and blood is mostly water.

To help you out with this one we need to lean on another diagram. Below you will see a tube with materials in the centre of it, these represent the blood cells. Notice how the “blood” gathers in the centre of the tube away from the tube walls? This is important because it happens inside you also, and, even more amazing, the “blood” begins to flow creating a current through the tube.

Pollack also discovered that adding contaminants reduced the amount of EZ water and therefor reduced the flow of the “blood’ in the tube. Just think about that. It means that toxins in your body will reduce the blood flow through your arteries and veins. Toxins like, seed oils, gluten, mononuclear acid, bacterial and fungal waste.. etc…

Now then our point is:

An electrical current can be conducted through the entire body. We are electrical beings.

When the electric and magnetic energy are tuned to a healing frequency that the body recognizes, every cell in the body can have the influence of that healing frequency. There are many frequencies that have been identified as having clinical benefits to the human body, such as improved healing, breathing, balance, mental focus, memory enhancement, cell regeneration skin and wound healing and mitochondrial energy production.

Reminder: Silver is such an excellent conductor and nano particles of silver have anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties, as they move energy throughout our systems. This will help to clear out some of those toxins that might just be messing with the structured water (the fourth phase) within you. And remember what Dr. Pollack demonstrated... more toxins less flow. I don't know about you, but I prefer better flow to the opposite of it which is less flow. Or in other words more clots. (Also known as: strokes, heart attacks, or aneurisms.) 

In summary: keep your flow:

  • Get hydrated with good quality water.
  • Remove the toxins from your environment, diet, and medical practices. 
  • Educate oneself on healing not on sickness.
  • Recognize that your body was designed to heal itself and get away from the institutions they keep telling you that you need their pills.

Cheers to your Better health!!