Structured Silver: The Good Bacteria and the Bad Bacteria

A Little Toilet Talk Needed.

Lets get down to the nitty gritty. The place where the feces hits the flywheel. Or in more common parlance, the S&#t hits the fan. Do you know that much of the solid waste that one excretes is dead bacteria. Yes, you read that correctly. A lot of poop is made of bacteria. To break it down more accurately, poop is 75% water and 25% other matter. About 50% of the “other matter” is bacteria. (Most of it Dead bacteria)

Ok, Ok Salus blog author. Why are we talking about this?

We are talking about this because the one doing the typing wants to make a point.

We are made of a lot of bacteria. Good bacteria are “employed” by our bodies for all sorts of useful functions, while bad bacteria causes us all sorts of problems. Undoubtedly this is an oversimplification, but it is important to differentiate these two groups.

You may have heard Salus Defense write or claim that Structured Silver causes great harm to Bacteria. This is indeed true. So if it stops and hurts the bacteria why doesn’t it get all bacteria, even the good ones? This is the question that pops up quite often in response to the claim that Silver works against bacteria. So l would like to address this once and for all.

Structured silver water causes bacterial oxygenation disfunction leading them to death.

Bacteria types which include but is not limited to (that’s legalese for a lot more but these names are hard to spell correctly and I’m feeling lazy): streptococcus, staph, bubonic plague, MRSA, e. coli, salmonella, syphilis and gonorrhea, ETC…

It can be used for the same bacterial conditions causing sexually transmitted diseases, yeast and bacteria that infect warm moist areas of the body. Bacteria cause fatal disease, and structured silver water has been proven to destroy the cause of bacterial infection leading to disease.

Salus Structured Silver has also been proven to spare the healthy bacteria called probiotics.

We could drum up all the studies and technical data to prove this, but lets cut to the chase. If you want to prove it to yourself, all you have to do is perform a little test: drink four times the normal dose of structured silver water (8 teaspoons). Wait a few hours. If you don’t have diarrhea, you have not killed your good bacteria. If the structured silver water killed your good bacteria, you would get diarrhea. There is no diarrhea because the good bacteria are not harmed. (That is why we had to talk about poop for a little bit... makes sense now right...?)

In support of this, consider the contrasting reality of antibiotic- induced diarrhea. When you take antibiotics they can kill your good bacteria and cause diarrhea. Structured silver water does not! Oh yeah, all of you antibiotic pill poppers know this is true don’t you. A couple days into the antibiotic “treatment” you are a satellite to the porcelain throne. Yet the doctors will all tell you that this is perfectly fine. Normal even. And on top of this, if the antibiotic round doesn’t rid the infection, they will just prescribe a different round. But don’t you dare take that structured silver they will say…. Because it will turn you into a Smurf.

It is remarkable that this advancement in new technology of Structured Silver kills a broader spectrum of microbial pathogens than prescription drugs, but is safe enough that it won’t even kill the good bacteria in your intestines. This could complement any health care program because structured silver water represents a new documented paradigm in preventive medical care for anyone of any age and it is totally natural using the safest and most precious metal (silver).

That’s all for now folks…..

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