So then, what stuff do you wanna learn about?

We get lots of questions about Structured Silver. It just so happens that we know a fair bit about it. However, we know that those of you who read our blog might just be the curious type that like to learn about all sorts of things in general. Granted, we will probably keep the subject focused on health and wellness matters because that is what most of you are here to improve. Also because we are pretty sure that 100% of our readers have a body.

So what is it that you want us to talk about?

Fair warning: We at Salus are not the type of people that "Trust the Science." We at Salus are the type of people that like to VERIFY the Science. We do this to the best of our ability because it seems that there are more than a few "scientists" out there that are will to say pretty much anything so long as the pay-check is good enough. But I digress. 

You want good information. We want good information. And we want to share the good stuff with those of you who have the eyes to see it and ears to hear it. So if you have the good stuff share it with us. We will give it a "sniff test" and, if it passes, share it to our broad audience for their benefit.

That's all for now folks!