Silver / Keto and the bacteria diet.

Our emails, blog posts, website and articles repeat a key concept  quite often.


Remove the conditions of failure
and then
Stack the conditions of success.

This concept is applicable in every aspect of daily life and is a cornerstone of better mental and physical health. Garbage in garbage out so they say. This is a simple concept that is made complicated by all of the misinformation about what is good for you and what isn't.

I have noticed that the public education system has been giving our children many dietary recommendations that are, quite frankly, just wrong. Whether this is intentional or unintentional the result will be a less healthy population. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people who are having all sorts of poor health results will say that their diet "isn't too bad" when asked about it. Simply put, they may have been miseducated about what a good diet is.

Can we Combat Obesity, Diabetes, Epilepsy and multiple health condition with our diet?


 A diet low in simple carbohydrates cuts down on the food unfriendly bacteria consume. Low glycemic vegetables provide complex carbohydrates and fibre that literally starve unfriendly bacteria. (Silver kills them but we should simultaneously attempt to starve them.) Eating a diet high in unsaturated fats instead of high glycemic simple carbohydrates creates nutrients more effective for brain and nervous function. This is known as a ketogenic diet.

Treatment of these conditions using a ketogenic diet have been studied thoroughly and there are dozen hundreds of books and articles articles that contain the research and studies that support this type of treatment. We take it a step further.

Taking Salus Defense Structured Silver supports those implementing the ketogenic diet. Structured silver is a very effective at diminishing layers of infection in the digestive tract as well as any infections that have translocated to other areas of the body. The ketogenic diet is perfect for the gut and creating an alkaline environment for health to exist. Using structured silver along with the Ketogenic diet can heal the gut and support the organs where most of the immune system and neurotransmitters are created.


Removing layers of infection in the body is very important in building the immune system. People wanting to implement a Ketogenic diet are usually concerned about a specific health issue. These health conditions will be diminished by implementing both a ketogenic diet and taking a daily dose of Salus Structured Silver.

Another important concept is that structured silver can be taken on a daily basis as there is no interaction with the body. It does not have to be conjugated  or broken down in the liver but is removed by the kidneys in about 12 hours. Structured silver exits the body with the same structure it entered. It only interacts and kills unfriendly bacteria, parasites, fungus, and virus without causing any damage to the body.

Combined with a Ketogenic diet, the bowel and the rest of the body are primed for true health.