Silver Energy: The Magnetic/Electric dynamic

Silver energy exists in several forms.

It can be electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, chemical, and resonant frequency. The energy surrounding silver begins with the atomic structure of silver. It is the 47th element on the periodic table because it has 47 electrons with only a single electron in its outer ring. This makes silver continuously hungry to find a single electron to be a pair match for the solo electron on the outer ring. The silver molecule will magnetically steal a single electron from the easiest source available.

When silver moves into close proximity to free roaming electrons it will rapidly bind to the rogue electron. In this way silver, when inside the body, is always on patrol surveying the blood stream for electrons. When silver comes in contact with bacteria or yeast there will be an attempt by the silver to steal an electron from the organism. Since these entities have simple cell wall made of single electrons, it ruptures the cell membrane, like puncturing a water ballon,  when silver steals an electron. This will usually kill the organism.

Note ** The reason that silver doesn’t kill healthy cells is because healthy cells have a lipid bi-layer. So healthy cells have two layers made from lipids. The fact that there are two separate and distinct layers mean that the silver can only steal one electron, and this is not sufficient to rupture or damage the healthy cell walls. In addition the lipids are fats and silver is usually carried in a water soluble form that cannot penetrate through the fat bi layers. This is another reason that silver doesn’t kill  probiotic bacteria in the intestines.

Lets talk about magnets:

Magnetic silver energy holds silver atoms together in molecular crystal structures made of Ag4O4, G406, Ag204 and other antimicrobial structures. The magnetic charge resonates between two phases of silver (Silver I and Silver III). This makes the silver a type of pulse magnet vibrating (resonating) between the two phases of silver. This resonance facilitates the production of antimicrobial and pain killing frequency. When the electrical charge, that cause the silver to bond to pathogens (rather than healthy tissue), works together with the magnetic silver energy, it sends micro pulses of electromagnetic frequency that can weaken, dissolve and dismantles cellular structures of germs.

Everything has its own unique frequency and silver vibrates (resonates) at a frequency of approximately 910 tera hertz. This is an ultraviolet frequency that destroys pathogens by producing a vibration that weakens, dissolves and dismantles germs (bacteria, fungus, some parasites and yeast). There are healthy frequencies and destructive frequencies and every cell responds differently to each frequency. The healthy cells with lipid bi-layers respond to ultraviolet frequencies in a healthy manner. Silver energy resonates at an antimicrobial ultraviolet frequency. Healthy skin cells respond to ultraviolet energy in a healthy way, they secrete vitamin D and other healthy immune systemic effects. Pathogens respond to ultraviolet silver energy in a destructive manner presumably because of the thin single cell walls that are easily ruptured by silver vibration. In this way silver resonates at one frequency but produces healthy results in normal cells and can destroy the cellular structures of pathogens.

Researchers have demonstrated  that minuscule magnetic energy can have significant impacts on normal cells causing the production and mobilization of stem cells, natural killer cells, lymphocytes and white blood cells. Homeopathic medicine is founded on the principle that tiny chemical, electric or magnetic charges have long-term health benefits, while great adjustments in any of these energies can cause short term changes with temporary benefits.

The genus Lactobacillus is a unique healthy gut bacteria. It is the only classification of bacteria that secretes a coating onto it own outer cell wall. The coating is a kind of fat that water-soluble silver will not penetrate. Suffice to say, the body is intelligent and protects itself.

An example is antibiotics that have a large effect but can only be supported by the immune and digestive systems for a few weeks or the results are more damaging than the disease. So silver has a magnetic charge that helps align chemical bonds in the cells, tissues, body systems and even between the atoms influencing molecular structures. When the magnetic charges are coupled with electric charges and are supported by the body in the proper ph, the silver will gather atoms into organized structures called crystalline structures. These structures consist of 2, 4 or 6 silver atoms bonded with water into tetrahedral structures resulting in a multivalent, semiconducting electromagnetically charged particle that possesses stronger pathogen killing abilities. It can also recharge itself for longer more potent killing effects. These structures of 2, 4, or 6 silver atoms gain the ability to repeatedly fire silver electrons, or rupture germ cells by stealing electrons. The silver structure resonates between atomic phases producing a semi-conductor so tiny it fits inside a single cell and circulates throughout all of the circulatory system. Imagine a germ killer small enough to fit inside a single red blood cell and resonate at an antimicrobial frequency that travels everywhere blood flows.

The structure of the silver is essential to this higher level of antimicrobial activity. The simple forms of silver that are not structured have limited transient and temporary antimicrobial activity. By bonding the silver into structured forms it minimizes argyria. In other words when silver is bonded in structures molecular forms the water molecules permanently bond to the silver atoms and will not let the silver separate from the silver structure. This almost eliminates the problem of argyria because the silver stays with the water molecule and is excreted the same as drinking water.

All silver does not have the same energies.

Structured Silver is an advanced second generation colloidal silver that is magnetically and electrically structured producing atomic bonding of water and silver in a way that forms crystalline structures of silver and water. The structured silver bonds permanently to the water so it forms a solution of silver hydrosol, that has alkaline properties. The magnetic and electric frequencies used during manufacturing is combined with a structured water that results in alkaline, magnetic, electric silver in a structured form. It is significantly more effective at destroying pathogens than the sol, colloids, ionics of the past.