Seven Health Tips That Cost You Almost Nothing!

We all want to have better health, but not all of us can afford to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for some of the more advanced products and techniques on the market. Advanced Stem Cell treatments, infrared machines, oxygen therapy, or even massages and chiropractic care can all start to add up for those on a tight budget.

But there is still good news..

You take action today and have a big impact on your health.
And you can do it 100% for free.

All are simple. None are easy. But you have the freedom to choose. You get to pay for your health with your wallet and effort or pay the consequences of bad health with your life.

Here are our top 7 recommendations for inexpensive things that will have a massive impact on your health and well being:

1) Cold Water Exposure:

Yes, this is very difficult. I said FREE not easy, but it has so many benefits. Like: Improving sleep quality, combating oxidative stress, regulating blood sugar, reducing inflammation and so much more. For more in-depth look click:

2) Fasting:

The fact is that giving your digestive tract some time off can be very good for you. This works in a number of ways: When digestion is not the focus of the body, our body is free to allocate valuable energy toward healing and repair. A 24 to 72 hour fast can be magnificent for clearing your mind as well. WE are not grazing animals so if we have to eat every 2-4 hours that means that our digestive process is far from optimal. 

3) Coffee Enema's:

UUUh what?!? Yes, you read it correctly. Coffee enema's have many benefits which include: Cleaning the colon of waste and debris, improving mental health, help remove parasites, assist with pain management and more....

4) Remove Processed Foods, Fried Foods, and Simple Sugars:

Free...but again, not easy!! Our modern diets are filled with land mines. Foods that we believe to be healthy are often not at all good for us. Processed foods are filled with chemicals that are toxic. You better be checking the labels because they are actually trying to feed you bugs. (Which are full of parasites and other chemicals that destroy the lining of your digestive tract). Sugars are found in Pop or donuts, but what about Bread and Pastas? While it might not be the standard table sugar in these items, our body doesn't necessarily differentiate with its response. Even concentrated fruit juices can feed unwanted organisms in our digestive tract. Things like bacteria and fungus. And fried foods are terrible for you because our bodies use those toxic fats to build new cell membranes. (An over simplification of course, but well worth noting.)

5) Get Better Sleep:

Who doesn't love a nap? But what we are taking about here is getting adequate sleep during the night because this is the time that almost of of our body repair takes place. The science is out --You need to sleep better.

6) Exercise/Movement:

No surprise with this one, but let's get some perspective. You do not need to go to the gym or hire a trainer and become the second coming of Arnold.  You do need to move everyday. This can be as simple as taking a 20 minute walk. If you can only walk to the mailbox today... then do it... and then do it twice again tomorrow.

7) Meditate:

The Monks had it right all this time. As it turns out, meditating for just 20 minutes daily can significantly reduce our bodies creation of Fight or Flight Stress response hormones. This is good news because Stress is one of the biggest contributors to accelerated aging and disease.


There it is. Do these things and you will be healthier and feel better. I do. :)