Safety of Silver (Historical Onion peel)

Silver Past & Present

According to mainstream historians the invention of chemical antibiotics have only been broadly used for about 80-90 years. So what were people doing before then? If we listen to the standard pharma representative (sales people or doctors or nurses) then we are led to believe that ....well.... people just died is all. It might be useful to peel back another layer of the historical onion for a bit deeper look.

It turns out that some very strong silver products were being used as antibiotics to stop infection before the pharmaceutical version of antibiotics arrived. Of course, since that time the medical field has been very vocal about how they have improved everyones lives and, with painkillers and chemical antibiotics as the cornerstone of the drug industry, made and marketed tens of thousands of other chemical drugs. Nowadays, the only thing anyone ever hears from mainstream media and mainstream medicine is that Silver is toxic and will turn you blue. (For more about our response to Argyria click here)

However, the historical reality is a little different. The truth is that millions and millions of people were using, or had used, colloidal silver solutions with great success. This seems to have disappeared down the memory hole somehow. A curious thing that happens to a lot of historical information that actually empowers the people.

So what were the results for those who used these concentrated silver products?

As it turns out there were ZERO reported deaths. ZERO!!! (Compare that to just one year of chemical antibiotic usage here in the USA. Furthermore, there were only 239 reported cases of generalized Argyria (EPA Report ECAO-CIN-026 Jan “91” Pg. VI-3). Note that in the same EPA report on VI-4 it states that Gaul and Staud (1935) suggested 8 grams of silver arsphenamine (used by injection at 145,000 ppm strength) as a safe total (lifetime) dose.

Wait!! What!! 145,000 PPM. That would be the equivalent of over 10,000 bottles of our Salus Defense Structured silver solution.

They also noted that other authors suggest safe total doses of 12-15 grams, based on clinical experience. The work of Furchner et al (1968) as stated above showed that small amounts of silver did not build up in the system of primates.

According to the EPA IRIS Report on silver (Integrated Risk Information Systems) (5th , 1st paragraph) it states that a number of tests were completed to investigate the absorption and retention of ingested silver in a number of animals (including primates). In conclusion, the test work indicated that between 90-99% of ingested silver was excreted on the second day after ingestion and greater than 99% was excreted in less than a week.

In other words, almost all the ingested silver was out of the body in only two days, which indicates that silver does not build up in the system when consumed in small amounts.

In Summary, if you want to create a problem for yourself using Silver you will have to get EXTREMELY excessive.

The US Federal Register listed the silver products that cause argyria as silver salts, including; silver nitrate, silver arsphenamine, silver chloride and possibly silver iodide. These products were sold until about 1975 under various labels consisting of silver solutions ranging from 5-30% silver [50,000-300,000 ppm (parts per million) of silver] (Federal Register, FDA-21CFR Part 310, pg. 53685).