Not All Doctors are Created Equal...

Has it occurred to anyone that the word indoctrinate is one letter away from having the word the word doctor in it? Phonetically speaking it sounds the same. 


Probably just a coincidence. Just like the phrase, "It's been doctored," which means it has been altered, adjusted or tampered with is also probably just a coincidence.

But enough word play already you say. Get on with it! Fine! I will! As usual though I am not writing for those who are absent the eyes to see and ears to hear. This kind of questioning of the norm is not for them. No no no. They are not seeking so they shall not find.

To reiterate, the title of this blog article is:

"Not all doctors are created equal."

Some are excellent people who compassionately approach every patient with the best knowledge and treatment they possible can. These doctors seek new updated information, think outside the box, and challenge obsolete medical practices when they recognize them to be harmful to the health and wellness of the people in their care. They are accountable for their practices. Often they are autodidactic in their continued eduction. They consistently upgrade their knowledge with prima facie studies from their own practices or those of trusted peers. If something does add up they will use due diligence to find out why, and then, when things are made clear, share their findings so that others may benefit. These doctors are portrayed as the villains, and are persecuted by the modern system of medicine.

Others, the not so good ones, are always obedient to the institution that created the educational curriculum brainwashing them to push narratives that are contrary to health and wellness. They benefit themselves by unquestioningly promoting idea's planted by large corporate interest groups, and pushing the products that are backed by massive pharmaceutical incentive structures. These men and women are often the first to ridicule or label as "quacks" those who present alternate healing modalities. (Even when heaps of evidence proves the treatment successful.) These doctors are, unfortunately, the heroes of today. They are paraded on your television as the brightest most credible "top" doctors of the generation.

All of this may sound a little cynical, but we know that many of you out there have personally had this experience, because you keep telling us about it. You have said that you went to doctor after doctor and made zero progress in your overall health. Some of you have been prescribed medication upon medication like some lab rat that just made things worse. The reality is, the experts often don't know how to "fix" the condition of the ailment. The sad part is that they don't have to. They don't have too because they will still be made wealthy and given a high social status amongst the general public regardless of their effectiveness for good.

At the end of the day it really is buyer beware. It is up to the individual to create or find the path to their health, happiness, and wellness. We are in a time period when "Experititus" (My made up word meaning.... the incorrect belief in false Guru's) is a condition which has lead many of us into great peril. In summary:

Credentials don't make the expert, knowledge does.

(Beware the fool with the right credentials.)