IBS Issues? Structured Silver Can Help

‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ (IBS) is one of those terms many people throw around and are even given the label of by a medical professional. However, the term tells us little as to what is going on and even less as to what is causing it! A different story is actually revealed however when we begin to look at the research on irritable bowel and its underlying triggers. In reality, there is much evidence to suggest microbial imbalance in the bowel and unmanaged stress affecting the digestive tract are the prime causes of IBS for the majority of individuals!

As you have been learning, structured silver is highly effective in helping to clear disease and symptom causing bacteria from the body safely and effectively. This is where silver could have a BIG impact for IBS sufferers. Scientific literature shows that typically IBS sufferers have an imbalance between what we call ‘beneficial bacteria’ and ‘commensal’ or ‘pathogenic’ bacteria. This leads to the typical undesired symptoms so common of IBS sufferers including alternating diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating and general discomfort in the lower bowel.

Structured Silver can help to tilt the balance between such bacteria back in a favorable direction, selectively ‘thinning the herd’ of the ‘bad bugs’ while leaving the good ones basically untouched. This alone may yield major benefits for many IBS sufferers, enabling them to achieve better bacterial flora balance in their bowel, which supports better and healthy digestive function in a very easy and safe way.

Of course, there are other triggers and issues at play for IBS such as unmanaged stress that may need to be addressed but remember one way that many people deal with stress is through eating many processed foods high in refined sugars that tend to promote the growth of ‘bad bugs’ also (such as sodas, chips, cookies, snack bars, etc.). This unfortunately compounds the problem and makes the bacterial imbalance part of the IBS equation so much more important to address because undoubtedly stress will continue to happen for all of us to some degree.

Managing that stress through healthier approaches such as exercise, meditation, time in nature, with friends, resting, etc. is always advantageous of course, but getting rid of the bacterial issue so often underlying it is a must! Naturopathic and functional medicine doctors will often look at doing stool testing to get a more definitive reading on what exactly is going on with the bowel in terms of bacteria, possible parasites, absorption and more and for some people this may be a very worthwhile investment in taking the time and money to get more clarity on their particular issues that could be underlying their digestive complaints. But as a starting point, due to ease, safety and effectiveness, consider structured silver as an important ally to helping many with IBS get the upper hand quickly and easily!