How does Salus Defense Structured Silver help with kidney and bladder infections

Kidney and bladder infections are very common and can lead to chronic diseases of the kidney. To understand how structured silver works for these issues, lets first consider how the kidney and bladder work and effect the rest of the body.

The kidneys are one of the filters and cleansers of the body. Blood passes through the kidneys in specific channels that are next to tubules. As the blood passes near these tubules, a specific gradient or chemical transfer takes place that creates urine. Urine is a sterile liquid that contains toxins that need to be removed from the body. Once created, urine passes to the bladder for storage until the bladder is full and urination takes place.

There are many reasons for kidney/bladder dysfunction and disease and some are as follows:

  • Not drinking enough water and becoming dehydrated.
  • Eating too much protein in the diet causing the urine to become acidic.
  • Not urinating after intercourse may lead to bacterial infections.
  • Too much meet protein and sugars in the diet can lead to kidney stone formation.
  • Enlarged prostates cause insufficient drainage of the bladder which may cause infections.
  • Malpositioned bladders in females following pregnancy can cause insufficient drainage.

The above issues are some reasons the kidney and bladder may become weakened. The immune system can become taxed as well leading to layers of infections in the bladder and kidney. Urine stays in the bladder for about four hours before it is drained. Bacteria double every 20 minutes so a bladder infection can become very serious very quickly and if not treated the bacteria will move up the ureters to the kidney causing kidney infection.

Salus Defense Structured Silver is very effective in the treatment of bladder and kidney infection because of its ability to remove hydrogen ions out of the cell walls of water-soluble bacteria causing cell death.  A study completed in May of 2014 at Brigham Young University demonstrated a complete kill rate of the bacteria that cause bladder and kidney infections within five minutes of exposure to structured silver.

Viruses can also invade the bladder and kidneys causing dysfunction and disease. Salus Defense Structured Silver attracts the virus via a magnetic charge and holds the virus so tightly that it is unable to copy its DNA effectively and the virus is unable to inject the copied DNA into the host cell. Structured Silver also blocks the connection points which are needed for the connection of the virus to the host cell.

One of the most interesting points about treating bladder and kidney infections with Salus Defense Structured Silver is that silver does its work in the body and ultimately must leave via the kidneys and bladder. This means that every particle of silver passes through the kidneys and bladder before exiting the body. Silver leaves the body in the same structure as it entered. It is not synthesized or broken down by the liver or any other organ. It is as effective leaving the body as it is entering the body.

Treatment of kidney and bladder infections can be as much as 2 table spoons every hour for the first two days followed by two table spoons twice a day for two weeks. I expect the bacteria to be gone within about two days. I find in my practice that this treatment is very effective for treatment of kidney and bladder infection.

Written by Dr. Troy Giles