Nine Inexpensive and/or Free things to improve your health

“Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick.”

I believe that Hippocrates said it correctly. We at Salus Defense have said the same thing in our own words: Remove the conditions of failure and then stack the conditions of success. Below are a few actions that anyone and everyone can take in order for success. No one is stopping you from choosing to do any of these items. Some of them are very easy.... some well, not so easy, but nonetheless, all will move you in the direction of better health.

9 Health Improving things that you can start today for a cost of almost zero.

(We even gave them a difficulty rating because we do all of them)
  • Hydrate - (Moderate) Drink a lot more water! Make sure it isn't full of chlorine, fluoride, plastics or any other toxins that are intentionally put in the drinking water of many urban areas. Simple right? Well, there are some nuances as to how to best hydrate yourself. We recommend you learn a little more about the water protocol you will find at this link : THE WAY OF THE WATER


  • Grounding/Earthing - (Easy) Just put your bare feet on the ground. Lay on the grass, hug a tree. For real. All of these things will put your body back into a charge state that is in resonance with mother earth herself. This will help to reduce inflammation and shed all those electro-magnetic-frequencies (wifi,5G,cell phones etc..) which are constantly bombarding us with bad "vibes."


  • Breathing Exercises - (Moderate) Yeah Yeah breath I get it. Well, lets just say that there are entire schools of thought on how to breath and dozens of different breathing patterns and exercises one can use for different effect. There are people who have used breathing exercise to withstand extreme cold conditions without any hypothermia or injury. (More about that in cold showers) in the meantime you might find this link to breath work techniques useful.: BREATHING


  • Cold Showers - (Very Difficult) Ok, I know this one is not easy at all. It never gets easy, but it does get easier, and, quite frankly, you can gain yourself some almost super human powers of healing and immunity. The benefits of exposure to cold are well documented, but for a trip down the rabbit hole I suggest you look into a fellow named Wym Hoff. You can find a bunch of stuff online but here is another link to get you started.: COLD THERAPY


  • Exercise/Walk - (Moderate) Yes You will need to move your body in order to create a flow that aids in the excretion of toxins as well as keeping you strong enough to endure what life throws at you. And no, you do not have to be a gym monkey like Arnold. Instead try walking for 30 minutes a day. Everyday. Yes it can be that easy. You do not need to be an olympic athlete, but you do need to move your body... everyday.


  • Get some Sun - (Seasonally easy) Get the sun on your bare skin. Ignore what they told you about it being bad for you. You are like superman and the sun charges your body battery. Also, while your at it, get out of all that blue fluorescent lighting. It is not good for you or your eyes.


  • Coffee Enema - (Difficult) Coffee in my butt...Say what?!?! Yes, no joke.This isn't easy (well it is easy, but very uncomfortable) but the health benefits are numerous. The coffee actually helps detox your liver and bloodstream. Maybe you don't believe me so I better provide a link for you.: COFFEE THERAPY


  • Stop Consuming Poison - (Very Difficult) The sad truth is that in order to avoid toxins in your food you will need to make a lot of effort and educate yourself thoroughly. The good news or bad news depending on how you want to look at it, is that that there are some adjustments you can make that don't require a lot of knowledge. Just to pick a few: Drop the Alcohol, seed oils, fast food, vaxxed meats, lab grown meats, processed or GMO foods, colas, and glyphosate laden foods. At this point it seems fitting to reiterate the above quote from Hippocrates: “Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick.”

  • Practice Gratitude - (Easy) Start by giving thanks for the health you have, the freedom you have, the food, the family, the eyes see and ears to hear. You do not need anyone or anything to do this. All yiu need to do is find some things that you are grateful for. This one practice can be more powerful then all else. In the word of Socrates:

In conclusion:

 Everything we laid out above will cost your wallet almost nothing while benefiting the wealth of health immeasurably. It is, however, all up to you. You are the captain of your vessel. I would like to sign off with another quote from the wisdom of Hippocrates....

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

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