A simple equation to ensure failure:

If you want a path that guarantees failure just follow these steps below.

Become Intellectually Lazy >

Get Apathetic >

Be Compliant >

Outsource Your Responsibility

= Fail at almost everything you do.

You have probably heard the phrase; "Idle hands are the devils workshop." In essence, it means that an unfocused mind leads to unproductive hands that do nothing to stop the growth of evil. This is, unfortunately, true and worse yet, the people that follow this path still believe themselves to be a force for good. They are not.

To simplify, you can divide the people into three general groups:

  • Those that perpetuate evil; 
  • Those that do nothing to stop evil and thereby allow it to grow;
  • Those that stop evil.
Group one is a small minority of the population. (Thank goodness)
Group two are the type of people that we could use a lot less of.
Group three are the type of people we could use a lot more of.
We live in a day when much more Radical Personal Responsibility is needed. If you want better health be more responsible for the food you eat, water you drink and supplements you intake. No more Garbage in your mouth hole. If you don't know what food is garbage then START LEARNING!

After the past 3 years, if you still believe that you can outsource your health and well being to the so called "experts" then you are probably suffering from a bad case of intellectual laziness. Anyone who has begun to investigate for themselves,  instead of waiting for the TV to tell them the truth, might have noticed that many of the so called "experts" have been destroying the health and freedom of all those who they have convinced into compliance.

If you don't know that seed oils are bad for you..... WHY DON'T YOU?!?

If you don't know that allergies are digestive problems... WHY NOT?!?

If you don't know that most drugs are toxic to you.... You are probably listening to liars.

This type of intellectual laziness is not only a destroyer of health but also a destroyer of wealth and societal prosperity. Many of the readers of this blog do not know the difference between money and currency and have not even considered that they should know the difference. How can financial wealth truly flow to anyone who can not make the distinction?

If choose to outsource our responsibility then we will be beholden to those who take advantage of us for our neglect. These type of individuals will claim that they have taken responsibility for you (over you) for your own good, security and safety. Rest assured that they are much less concerned about your well being than you are... (even if you are not highly concerned about yourself at all). 

THE NEW YEAR --- A time for change

At this time of year people like to make some resolutions. Things like: Lose 20 lbs, Increase their income, spend less time playing video games etc.... Whatever your new years goals are they need to begin with a solid foundation. A foundation that begins with intellectual robustness. 

The word educate is derived from the latin word educere meaning "to lead out." As Socrates and Plato elucidated so clearly --- Knowledge is an inherent and intrinsic part of our soul structure.

Maybe it is time to educate ourselves and stop pleading for the so called "experts" to validate our conclusions, they will not do it. Instead, they will ridicule and ignore that which your evidence shows to be true. This is because they do not benefit from your knowledge. They require your submission to their "superior" knowledge so that they may profit at your expense.

This year we want you to take control of your health and well being. We want you to take responsibility for making yourself a better human being because we know that if enough of us make that choice then the world will become a better place.

“To know that you do not know is best. To think you know when you do not is a disease. Recognizing this disease as a disease is to be free of it.” -Lao Tzu