7 ways (Mostly secret ways) that you are being poisoned.

Poison everywhere!!

There is so much to say about this subject. Too much to say in just one blog post. Nonetheless here is a birds-eye-view of how humanity is being poisoned.

The corporations and governments have put poison into so many things that the probability of it being intentional should really be considered. It is in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath, and so many of the products that we use. This makes it very difficult to avoid (impossible if you don’t know what to avoid.)

If you have been a reader of previous emails or Blog posts from Salus Defense then you are probably already familiar with the concept:

Step 1: Remove conditions of failure.

Poison and other toxins are a definite condition of failure.
We put them in us.. on us…around us…..
Stop paying them to poison you.

This is easier said than done. It is almost impossible if you do not know how it is happening. So in order to help people avoid damaging their health by continually taking hidden poisons perhaps we should point a few of them out:

7 ways (Mostly secret ways) that you are being poisoned.

Some of us are aware of some of these…
Some of us are aware of many of these…
Some of us are aware of most of these…
Some of us have absolutely no clue about any of these…


1. In your Food...

This portion of our list could go on and on. We can not possibly do a full comprehensive list on just how toxic the food supply has become. Nonetheless here are a few bullets:

  • Seed Oils are used for cooking or as an ingredient in almost every restaurant in the world. Most processed foods contain seed oils. (Sometimes hidden in spices or natural flavours, nuts etc… as part of their drying and/or emulsifying process.
  • Natural flavours in the ingredient list are a lovely equivocation for chemicals that are not natural. But even if they were "natural" that doesn't mean they are good for you. Think about it... there are hundreds of natural plants and mushrooms in the world that can kill you. Naturally.
  • Glyphosates are a pesticide component that you will find in most of your breads. We have all heard of Round Up. There is a reason the farmers avoid going outside for a few days after using some of these pesticides in the fields. Some of the produce in the local groceries stores are have been tested to show multiple toxins.
  • “Green-washing” is a new method being rolled out as an attack on your food. In essence this is tampering with food labels and changing the names of the poisons to hide them better from those who have starting to discern some of the toxins. Good ole equivocation. https://foodrevolution.org/blog/how-to-avoid-greenwashing/ 

2. In your Water...

Government suppliers of tap water tend to add a few so-called “necessary chemicals.” Chemicals added to the water which you are drinking, bathing in, washing your cloths and your foods with. Here is a hint… Fluoride is an poisonous industrial waste chemical, chorine is also toxic for you. On top of this nano-plastics are being found in almost all of the drinking water and certainly in the bottled stuff at the corner store. But feel free to ignore this because you are only 99.9% water. 

3. Household Products... 

Most of these items are flat out poisonous to you. You have been sold these toxins which have been marketed to you as being the only way to keep your home clean. Wrong at best. An absolute lie with harmful intent at worst. If you are ahead of the game you may have already started to figure this one out and, hopefully, replace these types of things with a non toxic alternative. Here are a few product types that you may wish to change up:

  • Laundry detergents
  • Cleaning agents (floor cleaners, glass cleaners, counter tops etc..)
  • Air fresheners (mmm nice smelling poison.)
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia

Good for you if you are not using these items, but how about the restaurant you like to eat at or the bowling alley you frequent? Are they using toxins to make things look shiny?

4. Personal Care Products... 

So many of these items contain hidden toxins. So why are you using them on your body? Probably because you didn't even know. You are not supposed to know. "It puts the poison on its skin." Good for you if you have already swapped these things for a non-toxic alternate. Here are a few that you might not have considered:

  • Toilet paper.. people use it everyday and the manufactures use chemicals to produce it. Chemicals that are in the paper.
  • Deodorant.. Aluminum anyone?
  • Cologne and perfumes.. literally nice smelling poison
  • Shampoos, soaps, conditioners.. 
  • Tampons.. Yes, chemical agents known to increase the chances of sterility are being inserted into women who might want to become a mother one day.
  • Toothpaste.. Industrial chemical waste product called fluoride anyone?
  • Nail polish, nail polish remover.. straight up chemical poisons
  • Make up .. Yup it will prematurely age you so make certain to put it on your face.

The list goes on and on....  be mindful of what you are using.

5. Clothing...

 Yes.. your are wearing poisons. How many of you knew that polyester and rayon are toxic to you? Are you aware that they are adding chemicals to baby diapers and the Lulu-lemon type workout tights? Any clothing that is water resistant is made and treated with chemicals that are a poison to you. Women's menstrual cycle underwear.. poisons.. go ahead, put those on your crotch all you ladies who want to have a family someday in the future. Never-mind the fact that these chemicals are known to increase sterility in women. 

  • Polyester and rayon... Stay with cotton, wool, linen and silk instead
  • Baby Diapers... The evil in this world that is willing to attack the children
  • Bed sheets.. What are yours made of. You lay in it for hours every night.
  • Footwear .. your feet are very absorbent maybe surrounding them in rubber and plastics all day isnt such a great idea.

6. EMF - Electro-magnetic-frequencies

Everything has a frequency, including the cells of your body. Is it possible that certain types of frequency could cause an impairment of the proper function of your cells? Yes it is. Is it possible that different types of cells (eg. Blood cells, Liver cells, brain tissue cells, or the mitochondria within this cells could be affected differently by different frequencies? Yes. What about all these 5-G towers, cell phones in our pockets, wifi routers blasting signals through our house and neighbourhood? These are all creating toxicity on a cellular level. Are there actions you can take to diminish the harm of these signals.. Yes!

Some recommended reading on the subject:


7. Medical "Treatments"...

 Oh I know this one is going to stir up some emotions in a few people… so I will avoid making statements and just ask some questions…

  • In what possible way could it be good for someone to have toxic metals (aluminum, mercury. Graphene etc) injected into ones body?
  • How about toxic chemicals taken in pill form given to us by indoctrinated individuals in white lab coats?
  • Why the heck are so many people doing this?

All of our bodies come equipped with the ability to heal. Injuries and Disease can be conquered by getting out of the way of the natural healing and rebuilding mechanisms. The more interventions, the more the natural system is inhibited and distorted.

Some recommended reading on this subject:




This is only the tip of the iceberg...



This is a hard concept for people to take. Avoiding poisons is not easy, and we are incentivized to use them. They make the poisoned goods less expensive than the non-poisoned products, and they have become more creative about how they hide the toxins. The manufacturers and marketers have deep pockets and spend billions in advertising their toxic products.



A sick, short lived and stupid population is much easier to control.

They want you to volunteer for your own destruction...
It puts the poison on its skin.
It puts the poison in its mouth.
It puts the poison in its bed.
It gives the poison to its children.
But you do not have to do this.

Our advice is that you start picking the lowest hanging fruit first. Remove the poisons that are in your control. Start with those that cost you nothing to remove; then start removing those that have a financial cost; then start removing those that require lifestyle and/or habit adjustments; then you can start going after those poisons outside of the home.

Here are some useful links to find better quality products that are absent the hidden poisons.