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Our Brand Ambassadors

Yoenis Céspedes Milanés

As a professional athlete my body and mind are pushed to the outer limits every day. I noticed a natural energy and wellness throughout my body taking Salus Structured Silver and use it everyday!

Al B. Sure

I have personally experienced silver success using nature’s antibiotic. Every day you are exposed to the germs that cause most if not all forms of sickness. Salus Defense represents the world's leading natural way to destroy the yeast, bacteria and viruses that surround your environment, everyone can use it, inside or outside of your body. It provides serious Defense against our world's most dangerous germs that cause all these health problems. Sending L❤️ve & Light in abundance!

Henry Penzi

I had been struggling with a reacuring auto immune disease that would turn my skin on my body red and itchy when I ate certain foods. A friend of mine suggested Salus Structured Silver and the first thing I noticed was a really clean energy feeling and I started to sleep like a baby. I realized after two weeks my skin irritations stopped flaring up and I am happy to say its been 6 months now without any reactions. My brother had something wrong with him that doctors could not figure out so I gave him a bottle and after three days he was back on his feet! I am giving this product to all my friends and supporting Salus Defense 100%. Say no to drugs and try this incredible natural product.

Thiago Alves

As a top fighter I depend on Salus Structured Silver to keep my core clean, strong and healthy! This is a product every fighter should try.

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