Ketogenic Way of Life Supported with Structured Silver

There is great support and research to demonstrate the Ketogenic diet is very effective with treatment of Obesity, Diabetes, and epilepsy and sets the stage for treatment of many other health conditions. A diet low in simple carbohydrates cuts down on the food unfriendly bacteria consume. Low glycemic vegetables provide complex carbohydrates and fiber that literally starve unfriendly bacteria.

Eating a diet high in unsaturated fats instead of high glycemic simple carbohydrates creates nutrients more effective for brain and nervous function.

 An article written by Franziska Spritzler discusses 15 different diseases that have been treated by applying a Ketogenic diet. Treatment of these conditions using a ketogenic diet have been studied thoroughly and her article contains the research supporting this treatment.

So how does taking Salus Defense Structured Silver support those implementing the ketogenic diet? Structured silver is one of the most effective treatments for layers of infection in the digestive tract as well as any infections that have translocated to other areas of the body. The ketogenic diet is perfect for the gut and creating an alkaline environment for health to exist. Using structured silver along with the Ketogenetic diet can heal the gut and support the organ where most of the immune system and neurotransmitters are created.

What sets Salus Defense Structured Silver apart from the rest of the silvers on the market? All silvers are not created the same and the special way in which Salus Defense is made allows it to literally kill all bacteria it was placed with in the lab. Research completed at Brigham Young University compared the top five leading silvers on the market today. Salus Defense Structured Silver at 24 parts per million killed 99% of all bacteria it encountered within six minutes while the others had kill rates of only 50% in six minutes.

What makes Salus Defense Structured Silver so effective? It is not colloidal, it is structured with four particles of silver that share an electron. This free moving electron is able to remove hydrogen from unfriendly bacteria. Bad bacteria are water soluble and are vulnerable to attack by structured silver. When the hydrogen is removed from the cell wall of the unfriendly bacteria, the wall brakes apart causing the contents of the bacteria to spill out leading to cell death.

Friendly bacteria are created with a bilipid layer and are fat soluble. They are not vulnerable to attack or loss of a hydrogen from their cell walls. Likewise, cells of the body are not vulnerable as they are fat soluble as well and do not loose hydrogen.

Structured silver kills bacteria, fungus, and parasites by removing hydrogen from the cell walls. Viruses are killed in a different manner in that they are drawn to silver via a magnetic charge. They are held so tightly that they are unable to unwind their DNA in preparation for genetic replication. In normal viral function, the virus replicates its DNA and then injects the copy into the host cell.  Without the copy, they are unable to inject their DNA. Silver also blocks the receptor sites where Viruses attach to the host cell.

Removing layers of infection in the body is very important in building the immune system. People wanting to implement a Ketogenetic diet are usually concerned about a specific health issue. These health conditions will be diminished by implementing both a ketogenic diet and taking a daily dose of Salus Structured Silver.

Another important concept is that structured silver can be taken on a daily basis as there is no interaction with the body. It does not have to be conjugated  or broken down in the liver but is removed by the kidneys in about 12 hours. Structured silver exits the body with the same structure it entered. It only interacts and kills unfriendly bacteria, parasites, fungus, and virus without causing any damage to the body.

Salus Defense Structured Silver can be taken daily at two teaspoons in the morning and two teaspoons in the afternoon. Combined with a Ketogenic diet, the bowel and the rest of the body are primed for true health.