Candida Auris… The possible Superbug of the Future

One of the newest causes of infection popping up in over 30 countries around the world Is called Candia Auris. It is a fungus that acts like a bacterium and the CDC finds that it is not responding to the anti-fungal medications that normally work on fungus.

The people most at risk are the very sick patients in hospitals. Researchers have found that Candida Auris can live on the surfaces of hospital rooms and machinery used for patient care.  Hospitals around the world are being taught about this super bug and the possible manner in which it is spread.

The CDC has set up specific reporting pathways so the bug can be isolated and killed as soon as it has been detected. The problem is that patients can suffer from this infection for years, causing possible spread to those they come in contact with

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This is where Salus Structured silver may play a very important part in our future. Research has shown that structured silver has the ability to kill E. Coli, Staff, and fungus in the laboratory when it is in contact with these water-soluble life forms for at least six minutes.

How does Salus Structured Silver kill water soluble life forms? When it comes in contact with the cell membrane, it is able to remove a hydrogen ion from the cell wall of bacteria, fungus, and parasites. As this hydrogen is removed, the cell wall becomes unstable allowing the insides of the cell to be expelled causing cell death.

Salus Structured Silver consists of four particles of super charged silver that become water soluble through a specific formulation. These four particles also share a free electron that is able to remove hydrogen from the water-soluble life forms. It does not interact with fat soluble cells like the good bacteria of the gut and healthy cells of the body, as they have a protective fat layer that is fat soluble instead of water soluble.

Research has not been done on Candida Auris with Salus Structured Silver to this point, but the possibility of this super bug being water soluble is a distinct possibility. If this is the case, Salus Structured Silver may be the answer to this problem. Further studies will have to be conducted to see how effective this Structured Silver is against this super bug, but at least there may be an answer.